Why I’m Happy That Jesus Died


I’ve been treasuring these thoughts in my heart for a long time, and already decided to share before I realised it’s Lent! Best time to look at this.

I’ve come to realise that each and every one of Satan’s lies is covering something he’s desperate to hide!

I remember tweeting a quote sometime ago about how knowing which lie is holding you bound is the first step in the truth making you free.

When I heard the lie being taught to some of my dear ones, that Christ did not really die, I shook my head and discarded the silly theory. They said Jesus didn’t die, that at the last minute God exchanged him with someone else who now died in His place and God took Him up.

I only briefly wondered, what’s the point of lying that Christ didn’t die? I shrugged. Just another one of Satan’s lies. So “LOL” right?

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Why I’m Happy That Jesus Died

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