Bio: Just another regular geezer. I like to keep things simple and I’m always looking for the humorous side to life. I can be blunt to a fault too. I prefer to tell the truth and let people deal with it whichever way they deem fit. I’m not that outgoing and I procastinate to a fault! I’m a football fan by choice and a Manchester United Football fan by the grace of God. On the real, I’m a sports fan in general and can watch almost anything. I find myself watching Football (of course), F1, Tennis, Golf (a little) and Cricket (yup!) the most. Besides #MUFC, I’d count myself as a Lewis Hamilton, Roger Federer, Rory McIlroy and a Sabine Lisicki fan. Those are my allegiances. I will probably do a lot of ranting and may not make sense some of the time, but please indulge me and feel free to leave your comments….all comments are welcome. I am not exactly a good writer so I will be using this blog to develop my writing skills….here goes!

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